Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 10 - 12: Bhavnagar

We woke up around 5am on January 9 to depart from Keshod. It took 6 hours to reach Bhavnagar, where we spent the next three nights. We spent the first day with our host families, which included tours of the city, flying kites, and shopping.
Elliot on his way home after dinner with friends of his host family
We woke up at 5am on our second day to head to Palitana, home of the most important Jain temples in the world. After climbing 3364 steps, we reached the top, where we spent a couple hours. In the evening, we visited the Rotary Ray of Hope Child Care Center and then had dinner with our host families.
Early breakfast before the 1-2 hour trip up to the temples
Ayo, at one of the summits at Palitana
Dana and Prakasam with students from the Ray of Hope Child Care Center

On January 11, we first visited a couple of Rotary sponsored schools, then spent the afternoon with specialists in our vocations. In the evening, we gave our presentation to the two Rotary Clubs of Bhavnagar.
The team with students at the K.L Institute for the deaf

Ayo and Dana sit at the back of a class where the Rotary Club has donated desks

Joint meeting for the Rotary Clubs of Bhavnagar

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  1. Boy, day 9 as I go through this, and I am already exhausted. All those 5 am wake up calls, and 3334 Steps!